“Bringing style and sophistication to everything he does, James has a captivating stage presence and an extremely engaging personality.”

The Scotsman (UK)

“In the world of showbiz, where singers are a dollar a dozen, James Flynn is one of those very rare performers whose hallmark of star quality is instantly self-evident and both elevates and distinguishes him from the crowd.”

The Stage & Television Today (UK)

“James Flynn invariably gives an exciting and perceptive performance crafted from a unique fusion of intuitive talent and technical mastery. So it is easy to see why he is so much in demand… from Edinburgh to Hong Kong and from Dunoon to Down Under.”

Evening Times (UK)

“There are few who can deliver with what seems such ease, and even fewer who can keep an audience as spell-bound as this young Scot.”

The Costa Del Sol News (Spain)

“Flynn brings to his vocal performance a level of professionalism and polish that is of international calibre”

The West Australian

“One of the rare vocalists who can interpret the beautiful lyrics of standard tunes the way they were meant to be sung”

Jazz Guitar Society WA

“His kind of talent is very thin on the ground around theses parts”

Arts West Magazine

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